Our Services

Designated Driving

If you have been drinking and do not feel that it is safe to drive, call Gals! We will dispatch a team of two drivers to your pickup point. The drivers will meet with you and drive you home in your own car while the second driver follows behind. Our rates are competitive and you have the convenience of having your car safely in your driveway in the morning.

Small Deliveries

Gals Designated Drivers can take care of small deliveries of groceries and liquor right to your door. (must be 19+) If you’ve had a few drinks, why risk getting behind the wheel just to run to the store? You get to enjoy yourself and we’ll pick up what you need.

We-Drive Wine Tours

Take an Okanagan wine tour from the comfort of your own vehicle! Large wine tours can be overcrowded and impersonal. If you’d rather spend the day with friends instead of strangers, Gals offers drivers educated in our regional wineries that can tailor an experience to fit your needs. Learn more about We-Drive Wine Tour pricing and options!